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Fugro HSSE Management System: Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe

Our HSSE Management System, based on our groupwide ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe’ approach, has six mandatory focus areas for all levels of the organisation to identify HSSE needs, determine key objectives and allocate resources to keep improving HSSE performance.

The system also drives the development, improvement and application of a mandatory integrated management system at country organisation and business unit levels, which applies to all Fugro activities.

We expect our business partners to conform to comparable HSSE management standards. This expectation applies to associate companies and joint ventures, principal contractors, suppliers, and any other company we are involved with. Each company is informed of our principles, policies and standards and we work with them, where appropriate, to support adoption of practices consistent with our own.

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For full details, read our policy document:


Fugro’s HSSE Management System Structure

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