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The world is changing faster than ever before. Over the coming decades, population growth and urbanisation will lead to an increasing demand for energy, water, food, minerals, metals, buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructure.

In particular, the potentially devastating impacts of climate change, such as rising sea-level, severe weather conditions and drought, have become increasingly pressing topics, underlining the necessity of a transition towards low carbon energy generation.

The energy mix, infrastructure and built environments have to evolve if tomorrow’s problems are to be tackled successfully. As Fugro, we have an important role to play by supporting clients to realise and operate their construction projects and infrastructure in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. We sometimes play a small role in a client’s project, but it is always essential in making our planet a better place.

Actively pursuing sustainability

Our purpose is to create a safe and liveable world together. It is our ambition to support our clients to achieve net zero carbon emissions, enable the development of sustainable infrastructure and strengthen climate resilience. This ambition is demonstrated by for example our site characterisation work for wind parks at sea, installation of permanent monitoring systems on vital infrastructure such as bridges and rail tracks, and our coastline mapping for flood defense programmes.

For our own operations, we target carbon neutrality by 2035, amongst others by investing in decarbonisation of our vessels and equipment.

Together we create a safe and liveable world.

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