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We have become a more diversified and resilient company, with increasing exposure to growth markets such as renewables, infrastructure and water. Our position as the leading Geo-data specialist offers great opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The positive market outlook reinforces our Path to Profitable Growth strategy, supported by our increasingly balanced market exposure, less capital-intensive asset base and resilient operating model.

We believe in sustainable development as a driver to help create a safe and liveable world. This requires balancing the short- and long-term interests of our stakeholders and integrating social and environmental factors into our decision making.

Accurate collection and interpretation of Geo-data is essential to mitigate risk


Reducing risk throughout the full lifecycle

We provide client solutions throughout the full lifecycle of offshore wind farms, platforms, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, power line grids, railways tracks or pipelines. We add value by reducing uncertainty and client exposure to subsurface risk.

We carry out technical studies, surveys and investigations to establish the characteristics of sites and routes to be developed. With geophysical surveys we map the Earth’s surface and subsurface, and through geotechnical investigations we determine the composition, characteristics and properties of the soil.

Transforming data into valuable info

Using our expertise, technology, equipment and world-class laboratory facilities, we transform the acquired data into valuable information and related advice on the best way (eg, location, foundation advice) to use a site for safe, sustainable and efficient design and construction of the asset. This enables the client to make informed decisions, reducing construction costs and installation and operational risks on technically demanding projects.

As assets are being built, we support construction projects with precise positioning, monitoring and visualisation services. Once the asset becomes operational, we support our clients’ asset management programmes in order to optimise reliability, utilisation and longevity. We use innovative and increasingly remote and (near) real-time scanning, monitoring, analytics and data management techniques to assess and report on structural behaviour and integrity and regulatory compliance, and to identify vulnerabilities before they pose a risk.

With our strategy we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With our key strengths, we are uniquely positioned to support our clients with the energy transition, sustainable infrastructure and climate change adaptation. While contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is Fugro’s ambition to deliver solutions supporting our clients to overcome their challenges in achieving net-zero carbon emissions, to enable the development of safe infrastructure and to strengthen climate resilience. Our strategy is based on three objectives: capture the growth in energy and infrastructure, leverage our core expertise in new growth markets and differentiate by integrated digital solutions.

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Capture the growth in energy and infrastructure

 The anticipated growth of the energy and infrastructure markets is leading to increased spending on renewable power and electricity networks, railways, roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings and industrial facilities. Fugro will increase its integrated offering of data acquisition, analysis and advice, and further strengthen its key account management and value-based bidding. We will continue to improve asset utilisation and operational excellence in order to drive client satisfaction and cost efficiencies.

Leverage core expertise in new growth markets

Fugro is leveraging its existing expertise to develop new activities in adjacent and new markets. In particular, we are expanding into the water market, to capitalise on the global need to increase climate resilience and global water security, and the resulting significant investments in flood protection, coastal defence and water management. We are offering integrated coastal resilience solutions for coastline mapping, dike monitoring and design, freshwater sourcing and transport, and ocean science. This helps communities and asset owners to better analyse their climate related risks and design solutions.

Differentiate by integrated digital solutions

We are committed to maintain our differentiated position as the most innovative Geo-data company across the markets in which we operate. Supported by strong client involvement, our research and development efforts are focused on less capital-intensive solutions, such as the shift towards more lightly and uncrewed vessels, that aim to reduce the overall cost of development and operation of our clients' assets.

Path to profitable growth strategy

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