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WaveWalker 1 is an innovative, eight-legged 'walking' jack-up barge designed especially for marine operations in rough seas, surf zones, beaches and other intertidal locations. If you need to undertake work where operation of traditional self-elevating working platforms (SEWPs) is uneconomic, the WaveWalker 1 is the innovation for you.

The product of a joint venture between Fugro and Van Oord, the WaveWalker 1 can be operated in a conventional 4-legged mode or as an 8-legged, self-contained walking jack-up platform. Its bi-directional movement allows it to move and relocate without floating and it can reach overall bi-directional walking speeds of up to 40 metres per hour.

The deftness of our WaveWalker 1 innovation has a significant advantage over a conventional tide-dependent jack-up, which would take a minimum of six hours to relocate.

The jack-up is also of sufficient size to support construction operations and live aboard vessels, thus dramatically increasing operational productivity and reducing crew change downtime periods.

We tested the walking jack-up concept over a period of 14 years. Our constant evaluation gave the WaveWalker 1 the ability to considerably boost productivity in numerous traditional jack-up operations, such as geotechnical site investigation, drilling, trenching, pipeline and cable laying, blasting and other marine and underwater work. These are all areas where floating equipment or conventional jack-ups would experience extensive delays due to weather downtime, as well as the obvious safety implications of operating floating equipment in nearshore, large swell locations.

WaveWalker 1 was first designed for drilling and blasting works to deepen the North East Brazilian Suape Outer Channel. The deepening of the channel involved the removal of some 5 million cubic metres of material, of which approximately 1 million cubic metres is rock. Some of the rock required drilling and blasting and this is where WaveWalker 1 excels, walking through the water on her eight long legs and undertaking drilling and blasting from her stable platform.

Our WaveWalker 1 operates well in marine operations in rough seas, surf zones, beaches and other intertidal locations where operation of traditional self-elevating work platforms is uneconomical. Its benefits include:

  • 4-legged mode and 8-legged modes
  • Self-contained structure
  • Safe operation whilst elevated
  • Bi-directional movement allows relocation without floating
  • Bi-directional walking speeds of up to 40 metres per hour, moving between locations in water in just an hour
  • Rapid deck elevating system to provide maximum stability for the 32 m x 32 m deck area
  • Increasing operational productivity
  • Reducing crew change downtime periods

We have recently collected various awards for WaveWalker 1:

  • 2013 New Mechanical Product of the Year from British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs)
  • 2014 Product and Equipment Innovation award from Ground Engineering Awards

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