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Using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to inspect pipelines generates vast amounts of data, which traditionally take a long time to process, impacting project timelines and reporting schedules. Our pipeline inspection solutions provides faster insights into pipeline integrity by using automated cloud-based data processing.

A digital model of your pipeline is created within hours after acquisition, reducing your project timescales and increasing confidence in results. It also reduces your HSSE exposure by minimising the need for offshore staffing.

Fugro offers an automated digital solution delivering vital information on the condition of subsea pipelines, in less time and with more precision than traditional methods. From data collection through to processing and delivery, we ensure maximum operational efficiency to reduce your project timescales and enhance confidence in results. 

Our solution uses cloud-based processing, enabling the majority of pipeline inspection campaigns to be managed from an onshore location. Accurate data is collected by our AUVs, which are equipped with the latest high-definition cameras and laser profilers. Our bespoke software enables significant amounts of data to be transferred and processed within hours after acquisition back to shore. As a result, our clients will be provided with a holistic understanding of the condition of their asset whilst the vessel is still operating in the field. Simultaneously, offshore HSSE exposure is significantly reduced by having data processors, inspection engineers and surveyors working in our Remote Operations Centres.

Our solution benefits from the synergy between autonomous data collection and automated data processing software. With expert personnel validating and curating data, this innovative digital approach to pipeline inspections reduces the chance of human error and subjectivity, increasing the quality of the information that you receive. With the possibility to mobilise AUVs on vessels of opportunity, we ensure a flexible service that meets a variety of different needs.

  • High-quality inspection data available within hours, reducing project timelines
  • Faster survey results, enabling prompt overview of pipeline anomalies
  • Reduced HSSE exposure through minimised offshore staffing
  • Increased flexibility as AUVs can be operated from vessels of opportunity
  • Our fully auditable solution increases confidence in results

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