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Our RILA® 3.0 combines an integrated laser scanner with the RILA® Track unit. It’s a unique, cutting-edge system that enables track geometry and laser-scanned point cloud data to be captured from a passenger train.

The RILA® technology is a remote, flexible, train-mounted survey system that achieves engineering-accuracy data on the rail corridor. It delivers step changes in asset management and leads the way in predictive maintenance.

A major advantage is improved workforce safety as the system doesn’t involve surveyors working on the live railway.

With RILA® 3.0 we have integrated the RILA® Track and RILA® 360 systems within a single, compact, autonomous measurement module. The new system (RILA® 3.0) can be mounted easily to any (passenger) train in the world. It delivers the same accuracy and full package of data products as earlier systems but in a combined form.

The end result is an accurate, absolute XYZ model of all the objects in and around the track, including overhead line equipment (OLE). The system achieves even higher relative accuracy for the track itself.

The collected data can be used for pre-renewal design work and post-renewal as-built information. Examples include input for alignment, correction data for tampers, structure gauging data, OLE heights and staggers, railhead wear, track gauge, cant, twist, client specified level and horizontal chord computations, and compliance comparisons. 


  • An integrated 360° scanner in the RILA® track unit
  • Specially developed lasers that reduce the influence of sunlight reflecting from the head of the rail – this improves the quality of the raw dataset, resulting in higher accuracy and faster processing
  • Advanced RILA® processing software that relates complex GPS and inertial measurements to a customer-defined grid
  • High-resolution imaging and video cameras –traditional site photography of things like OLE structures is no longer needed
  • RILA® 3.0 can be deployed on standard passenger trains which reduces data acquisition costs and minimises track closure
  • Improves project timelines as survey operations can be more flexible
  • Reduces risk by removing survey personnel from the railway
  • Minimises disruption – RiLA® can be mounted in under two minutes 

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