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ROTV – Acoustic pipeline inspection

As industry leader in ROTV acoustic pipeline inspection, we offer a comprehensive ROTV based pipeline inspection service in water depths up to 400 metres.

Providing numerous advantages over other offshore survey platforms, our ROTVs offer greatly improved coverage and can significantly reduce the time lost on infilling data gaps. With better control and positioning than free towed systems, the platform’s fibre optic gyro also adds rigour to the positioning of hazards and features.

ROTVs manoeuvre quietly and efficiently, collecting data at a very high data-to-signal ratio, so that surveys are completed sooner and with more accuracy. System features include:

  • Nominal survey speed of 4 knots
  • Fibre optic gyro
  • Flexible payload capabilities

We can tailor ROTVs to meet your inspection requirements, specifying technical elements such as the payload sensor suite used from the multibeam echo sounder, sidescan sonar and (optional) sub-bottom profiler.

Our ROTV system:

  • Delivers enormous efficiencies in survey methodology
  • Produces engineering survey data of the highest quality
  • Offers onboard processing and reporting systems
  • Is operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel
  • Features accurate positioning 
  • Ensures rapid acquisition of multiple data types
  • Offers a very stable, low-noise platform
  • Maintains a controllable altitude above the seafloor
  • Reduces distortion caused by “fish” motion
  • Is highly manoeuvrable, giving optimum survey performance

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