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We are a world class leading supplier of subsea services. Discover how your project can benefit from our high specification, dynamically- positioned (DP) vessels, bespoke topside and subsea equipment, highly skilled personnel and integrated operating procedures and systems.

Our fleet of dynamically-positioned subsea vessels are ideally suited for subsea installation, construction support, IRM and decommissioning projects. We have the capacity to support a range of systems, including :

  • Multiple Work and Inspection Class ROV Systems
  • Air and saturation diving systems
  • Umbilical and flowline installation systems
  • Pre-commissioning spreads
  • Subsea acoustic positioning – LBL, USBL, SSBL
  • Pipeline deployment and touchdown monitoring; pipeline and cable trenching; as-built pipeline survey and out of alignment
  • Metrology using diving, ROV and acoustic positioning
  • Visual and acoustic submarine inspection to detect free-spans, damage, faults, leakage, cathodic erosion and displacement
  • Location and mapping of pipelines (covered and buried), using ROVS or AUVs equipped with video-cameras, acoustic systems, cathodic protection measurement probes and pipe trackers
  • Detailed submarine inspection using conventional and high resolution towed systems

We are the industry leader in subsea inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM). We provide an in-depth range of services, from shallow to 4,000m water-depths.

We operate a large, modern fleet of ROV systems, ranging from large hydraulically powered Work Class to electrically powered Inspection Class systems, both permanently installed on our own DP2 vessels.

Whether you require a vessel for observation, sensor deployment or a full intervention and maintenance task, we have the specific ROV and support equipment you require.

Our IRM service capability includes:

  • Platform and pipeline inspection
  • Flooded member detection surveys
  • CP / CD surveys of pipelines and structures
  • FPSO hull and turret inspection
  • Anchor chain inspection and measurement
  • Mid-water arch inspection and FMD
  • Leak investigation and remediation
  • Bespoke repair tooling design, build & operation
  • Pipeline stabilisation and repair
  • Anode clamp design and retrofit
  • Structure repair and monitoring
  • Subsea component change-out

Our IRM support vessels include:

Our multi-role TEST support / installation vessels are fitted with specialised equipment to undertake the most demanding projects and are ideally suited to a wide range of diver and diverless offshore operations.

A variety of specialist equipment and personnel are mobilised onboard, including work Class ROV’s with operating depths to 3000m.

Our vessels are equally capable of executing efficient, long term air and saturation diving campaigns.

Our diving services include:

  • Subsea repair and maintenance
  • Platform and vessel inspection services
  • Construction support
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Structure cleaning
  • Component change-out
  • Subsea intervention
  • Emergency response call-out support

Our diving operations are based in Europe, West Africa Middle East and Asia Pacific, with the largest scale diving operations occurring in Brazil, where DP DSVs and ten air diving systems support a range of clients, vessels, FPSOs and rigs.

At dive sites where space is limited, our recently introduced innovative compact offshore air diving systems enable rapid mobilisation.

Other vessels include light dive boats or ‘daughter craft’ - small self-contained diving platforms, designed to operate remotely from the mother vessel or platform. With built-in cameras and light supplies for divers together with extra electric and hydraulic power for subsea hand tools, they provide an efficient and safe work platform for inspection, survey and light construction work.

Our Multipurpose Diving support vessels include:

Far Swift 
Kelly Ann Candies 
UP Coral 
Wyatt Candies

How can our subsea vessels services benefit your project? Our package includes:

  • Support both drilling and IRM segments, on exploration, field development and production activities.
  • Offer a complete variety of services and tools for inspection assistance (NDT), repair and maintenance (IRM), and installation and commissioning
  • Excellent track record of services with minimum downtime.
  • Certified and highly trained diving teams
  • Amongst the world leaders for deep saturation diving
  • Use our own dedicated specialised ROV Support Vessel (ROVSV) teams
  • Provide specialist expertise in Subsea Engineering, ROV tooling design and bespoke intervention equipment
  • Our vessels and crew all comply with HSE regulations