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Sustainability commitment and approach

The world we live in is changing faster than ever before, driven by population growth, people moving to cities, increasing demands for natural resources, technological developments including digitisation and the increasing effects of the climate change. Finding sustainable solutions for these challenges requires companies, governments and individuals to work together and Fugro is committed to contributing and leading such initiatives. Fugro, together with its clients, plays a fundamental role in responding to these global challenges and providing solutions for a safer and more liveable world.

For Fugro, sustainable business means that we continuously rethink what we do and how we do it

In line with our strategic objectives, we unlock insights from Geo-data, a critical element for the sustainable development and operation of our clients’ infrastructure, plants, buildings and natural resources. With our products, services and innovative solutions, we directly contribute to modern infrastructure, climate change mitigating projects such as flood and coastal protection, and safe and efficient power grids. Fugro plays an important role in the ongoing energy transition with the development of renewable energy assets such as offshore windfarms, while assisting in safe and efficient development, construction, operation and decommissioning of fossil fuels while this is still an important part of the global energy mix. Fugro, together with its clients and other stakeholders, plays a fundamental role in creating a safe and liveable world.

Through our integrated digital foundation, we support clients in managing the challenges of today and tomorrow. Fugro’s services and solutions are essential for the sustainable development and operation of large and complex infrastructure, industrial plants, buildings and natural resources.

For Fugro’s own operations, our objective is to reach net zero by 2035, covering all carbon emissions from operations (scope 1 and scope 2 emissions)

For Fugro, ‘how we do it’ is equally important. We are committed to conducting our business safely, with the best people and in the most efficient way, using innovation for continuous improvement and to minimise the impact on the environment, while remaining compliant with relevant rules and regulations, see also our ‘Material Topics’   

Together we create a safe and liveable world

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