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Sustainability-Linked Financing Framework

Fugro has created a sustainability-linked financing framework to confirm its strong commitment to deliver on ambitious sustainability targets embedded in its business strategy.

Fugro's sustainability-linked financing framework includes three sustainability performance targets:

  • 20% reduction in vessel CO2 emissions intensity by 2025 vs. 2020
  • 50% growth in revenue from renewables by 2024 vs. 2021
  • 25% women in senior management positions by 2025

Fugro’s sustainability-linked financing framework has been reviewed by Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company, an independent ESG rating firm. Sustainalytics has provided a second party opinion confirming the alignment of the Framework with the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020 as administered by the International Capital Markets Association as well as the alignment with the Sustainability-Linked Loan Principles 2021 as administered by the Loan Markets Association.

Fugro’s performance on the selected KPIs will be disclosed in Fugro’s annual report and verified to a limited level of assurance by its external auditor. The assurance report will be included in Fugro’s annual report. EY has provided limited assurance on the baseline performance of the KPIs; please refer to the assurance report included in the framework.