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Land asset integrity


Our people, resources and technology inspect and monitor the condition and performance of critical infrastructure. We use innovative scanning, monitoring, analytics and data management techniques to assess and report on structural integrity and regulatory compliance, and to identify Infrastructure management vulnerabilities before they pose a risk.

Digital Geo-data solution

Our digital Geo-data solutions and advice allow asset owners across all asset types - including power, oil and gas and transport - to optimise maintenance programmes and strategically manage and extend the life of assets. This reduces our clients’ operational risks and costs, while improving the safety and quality of services for their customers.

Digital plant and pipelines

We deliver current, accurate and actionable 3D digital information of plant and pipelines to meet operational and maintenance needs and enable stakeholders to work more efficiently and safely.

Surveying and mapping

With more than 50 years’ experience in surveying and mapping, we use the latest technology to deliver fit-for-purpose Geo-data and comprehensive topographic mapping services to support both government organisations and commercial users.

Fugro RailData®

Our RailData solution delivers accurate, up-to-date information of the railway and surrounding environment to enable you to visualise, plan and execute works with far greater efficiency and make informed decisions related to investments and operations.

Roadware surveys

We are the leading global supplier of innovative, customised roadway infrastructure data collection solutions for government departments and private entities that enables prioritisation of road work and improves asset design, safety and performance.

Roames® power

Our award-winning Roames® technology combines innovative 3D mapping techniques with cutting-edge machine learning and cloud computing capabilities to deliver an accurate and dynamic 3D virtual model of power company assets.

Land weather forecasting

We supply instant up-to-date weather forecasts onshore for any global location for up to ten days ahead.

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