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Combining precise measurements and 3D mathematical modelling, dimensional control enables objects to be surveyed, analysed and compared with their original designs.

Our dimensional control capabilities originated in the offshore industry, where accurate surveys are used to ensure first time fit-up, but are now being applied by our specialist surveyors in the engineering, manufacturing, marine, aeronautical and automotive industries. 

We have been engaged on many major projects involving offshore fabrication and dimensional control services, providing a vital quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) role, improving site safety, reducing work scope and labour costs, and enabling companies to fabricate in desired locations.

Our ‘Fit first time’ process avoids unexpected hold ups at the construction site and minimises the risk of expensive corrective work at the final location.

This improves activity planning, helping to deliver the project to specification, on time and within budget.

To assist our clients, we offer:

  • Highly experienced, award-winning teams, involved in dimensional control for over 30 years
  • Our own COGO – coordinate geometry software - with the ability to conduct 3D transformations at different temperatures, accounting for heat expansion or contraction
  • Well-developed methodologies and procedures, including a broad range of complementary services
  • Fast, reliable and accurate collection of three-dimensional coordinate data for analysis
  • Integrated global marine workforce
  • Worldwide resource base - Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas
  • Intimate knowledge of energy markets and marine engineering

Our complementary services include:

  • Dimensional fabrication checks
  • Interface analysis
  • Laser scanning
  • Monitoring surveys
  • High-precision metrology services
  • Pipe route surveys
  • Spool surveys
  • Storage tank surveys
  • Onshore and offshore plant surceys
  • Alignment surveys
  • Remote measurement surveys
  • Symmetry surveys
  • Close-range photogrammetric surveys
  • Customised visualisation packages utilising panoramic imagery 

The combination of our experience and access to state-of-the-art measuring equipment and methodologies enables us to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective solution for your measuring needs.

Our experience in dimensional control surveys is derived from providing services to a wide diversity of industries:

  • Petroleum (onshore and offshore)
  • Engineering
  • Ship building
  • Aeronautical
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

This enables us to adapt efficient measuring techniques from one industry sector or client to the other.

For example, Single Weld Hook-up (SWHU) relies on  dimensional control to ensure that when industrial modules, fabricated in multiple yards in several countries and climates, are transported to the target site, they can be connected to each other using a series of single welds. This method is common in the LNG industry, where it is arguably the most efficient fabrication technique. However, it requires spatially accurate surveys to ensure that all the components fit together as intended, once they are on site.

The objective of any dimensional control survey is to facilitate the correct design, fabrication, installation and fit-up of relevant components. It applies before, during and after their design, construction and/or fabrication.

The benefits of using dimensional control methodologies include:

  • Accurate, quick and efficient collection of three-dimensional data
  • Highly mobile measuring systems enable objects to be surveyed in congested places and in situ, avoiding the need for them to be removed before being measured
  • Cost reductions and improved safety, through the elimination of hot work on site
  • Reduced wear and tear on equipment avoiding the early replacement of associated production line facilities or equipment such as conveyors, rollers, bearings, earth moving equipment and process machinery, thanks to accurate three-dimensional alignments and symmetry surveys with analysis
  • Mathematical fit-ups of two or more components by survey
  • Creates more certainty that a contractor’s procedures / work practices will ultimately meet client specifications (incl. design review) and that design tolerances are achieved by providing a quantitative methodology
  • Saves fabrication time - reduces re-work and the requirement to pre-fit module components in yards

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