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An aerial survey image

Surveying and mapping

With more than 58 years’ experience in surveying and mapping, we use the latest technology to deliver fit-for-purpose data and comprehensive topographic mapping services.

Aerial and terrestrial surveys

Our capabilities include terrestrial and geodetic surveying, laser scanning, airborne topographic and bathymetric lidar, aerial surveys, digital terrain modelling, and satellite mapping and monitoring.

Aerial mapping

We provide aerial Geo-data acquisition, processing, and analysis for projects in natural resources management, urban planning, economic development, emergency response, and environmental and engineering activities.

Satellite monitoring and mapping

Mapping services and imagery analysis to support land management, infrastructure planning, natural resources exploration and development, civil engineering and environmental monitoring.

Terrestrial survey

Conventional and cutting edge survey equipment for precise and comprehensive surveying, mapping and monitoring of the built and natural environment.

Geospatial GIS solutions

Customised and cost-effective solutions for challenges presented by the size, complexity and diversity of spatial datasets, maximising geospatial investments.

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