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Fugro SIMmetryTM connects common geospatial data into a 3D environment with easy-to-use tools for virtual world simulations, measurements, and reporting. By centralising your data into one platform, it allows you to visualise change, both past and predicted, and analyse the implications to  support real-time communication and improve future planning. 


Fugro SIMmetryTM integrates acquired, updated, and historical Geo-data to create a complete 3D visualisation by efficiently streaming  large amounts of spatial data from the land to the sea, above and below ground. It easily manages different data types, transforms 2D GIS to detailed 3D environments, and provides accurate, real-time visualisations to scale.

Users have real-time access to critical information via a desktop and web-based platform, enabling them to manage large datasets of various types, and integrate new and existing data.

Features of Fugro SIMmetryTM

  • Low bandwidth streaming of data-rich content across multiple platforms (desktop, web, mobile)
  • Open platform consumes third party and proprietary algorithms
  • Versatile surface and subsurface visualisation of terrestrial and aquatic environments for land and coastal change management
  • Built-in presentation tools allow easy communication with all stakeholders

With a comprehensive set of analytic tools, Fugro SIMmetryTM provides complete 3D world analysis including distance, slope, shadow, flood, terrain, underground mode, and volume analysis. Versatile and configurable tools for calculating visual exposure, such as line of sight, facilitate more effective planning and management. Emergency response tools, including route and safety zone simulation, enable informed decision-making.

Data types integrated into the Fugro SIMmetryTM platform for viewing and analysis including:

  • Orthoimagery
  • Oblique imagery
  • Lidar point clouds
  • Digital elevation models
  • Derivative rasters
  • Vector planimetrics
  • 3D models and common digital documents (ex .jpeg, .pdf).

Fugro SIMmetry™ Viewer is a basic version for analysis and visualisation. Users can perform advanced terrain analysis and basic editing of high-resolution 3D world environments created by fusing aerial and satellite photography, terrain elevation data, and other 2D and 3D information layers.

Fugro SIMmetry™ Plus is an advanced toolset for more in-depth analysis. It includes the ability to load 2D and 3D offline formats, feature layer editing and querying, advanced objects and drawing tools, and Fugro’s continual addition of custom tools.

Fugro SIMmetry™ Pro offers the complete package, including file conversion and publishing capabilities, as well as uploading of data to the cloud.

Fugro SIMmetry™ Globe Server enables secure data hosting and streamlines the SIMmetry workflow, enabling complete projects and layers to be optimised and published directly from SIMmetry Pro to the cloud server. SIMmetry Globe also allows mobile and web options.

We’re RapidSOS ready! Spatially enabled wireless call events originating from the RapidSOS Portal service can be plotted seamlessly in the Fugro SIMmetryTM virtual-world environment, allowing a dispatcher to zoom to the real-world location of an active emergency. 

When you connect the most common geospatial data products in a 3D environment with easy-to-use tools for virtual world simulations, measurements, and reporting, more people can benefit from your current investment:

Land use planning - Visualise proposed plans, line of sight and viewsheds; view and analyse building floorplans

Emergency management - Simulate fire response and route studies, visualise collapse zones, and evaluate interior models and floorplans

Coastal and waterways monitoring - Visualise critical flood defence infrastructure, hydrologic features, floodplains; simulate inundation extent and morphological change

Natural resources - Understand solar potential, simulate sun angle and shadow, perform volume analysis

Subsurface and geology - Visualise underground layers including coal contours, utility lines, and stormwater; accurately route pipelines

Utility - Manage your network by importing vegetation intrusion analytics to generate fly-throughs pinpointing areas of concern

Public safety - real-time transfer of a RapidSOS caller’s location to the Fugro SIMmetryTM virtual world environment, for accurate floor-level detail, 2D and 3D measurement, collapse zone, and safety zone creation

Designed specifically with Geo-data users in mind, Fugro SIMmetryTM offers clients valuable benefits:

  • Lower operational risk by reducing field visits
  • Operational efficiencies through improved data analysis
  • Safeguard communities through more informed emergency planning and improved communication
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple data analysis platforms 
  • Safeguard public safety and health by combining RapidSOS services with our seamless 3D map-based integration, providing fast and efficient vertical location information across the United States

RapidS0S Ready Badge

Fugro SIMmetry™ is RapidSOS Ready - providing seamless 3D map-based navigation to emergency communication centres for improved situational awareness.

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