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Fugro is an established provider of professional services, customised software applications and cost-effective spatial data management solutions that answer real business needs. Through our global experience in the acquisition and processing of spatial data, Fugro brings a pragmatic perspective to the challenges posed by the size, complexity, and diversity of spatial datasets.

Fugro specialises in developing GIS software solutions including extensions and applications that integrate with business workflows and boost user productivity. We provide geospatial strategy and create the supporting frameworks for technical architecture design, standards, roles, responsibilities and procedures.

Fugro provides expert guidance in the areas of:

  • Spatial data & metadata standards, formats and interoperability
  • Spatial information management, governance and strategy
  • Business solutions for storing, cataloguing, searching and disseminating all types of spatial data
  • Geodatabase modelling
  • Spatial data conversion, migrations, loading and metrics
  • Extraction of actionable information from data

In addition to geospatial professional services, Fugro operates a global web-based portal network for your spatial and non-spatial data. Going beyond just data delivery, this portal’s goal is to make your spatial data usable. While most data starts as a project, this site also facilitates life cycle and regional data management.

Data hosting, web tools, data delivery and project communication services are all provided in a scalable, intuitive format. We also provide a catalogue of ready-to-purchase geospatial data, from both airborne and spaceborne sensors.

Web based services include:

  • Secure data hosting and web delivery service
  • Comprehensive project communications
  • Catalogue, search, purchase and delivery of geospatial data, including Fugro data, commercial satellite data and other public datasets
  • Customised tools to utilise data for applications including:  encroachment, change management, information extraction and reporting.

Fugro has a proven track record of success that is built around relationships with long- term clients and suppliers. Our partnerships include Gold Partner status with ESRI, enhancing technological and developmental efforts for each of the two companies, as we work closely together to deliver the best possible geospatial solutions for our clients.

Through our global experience in the acquisition, processing and handling of spatial data, Fugro can help you with the challenges posed by the size, complexity and diversity of all spatial data within your business.

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