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Fugro RailData® provides valuable engineering and maintenance insights through our Track Twin, Smart Tamp and Vegetation Control offerings, providing you with frequently updated high-quality track and asset data to feed into maintenance programmes across your entire rail network.

Complemented by our trackbed solutions, geotechnical engineering and track engineering services, Fugro RailData® supports all stages of the network life cycle.


We perform frequent surveys on key rail maintenance parameters without affecting train service and or needing any personnel or dedicated measurement machines on the track.

Up to 30 % reduction in maintenance costs through predictive maintenance and strategic scheduling of maintenance work
Increased compliance with safety regulations through early detection of changes
2-3 % expected higher network uptime through smaller maintenance windows and less accidents
Fuel reductions of up to 5 % from smoother tracks


We are extremely excited about RILA’s potential for faster survey turnaround. RILA helps reduce the requirement for manual surveying, and the associated reduction in risk to staff is a clear benefit.

James Sweeney - Senior Engineer at Network Rail

Deploying RILA had resulted in a CO2 emission reduction of approximately 50 % when compared to the number of van journeys needed to support a conventional survey, despite RILA being used on a heavy haul diesel locomotive.

Steve Duffy - Project Manager at Network Rail

The delivered data enabled ProRail to build a 3D model of the Dutch railways. Never before has anyone surveyed the geometry of marshalling yards with a mobile application.

Arco Okker - Railgeometry Manager at ProRail

Our team has found the RILA® and RILA®-360 technologies to be safer, faster, more accurate and less expensive than any other method of acquiring data sets for sections of track longer than a mile.

Chris Flynn - IEP Project Manager at Network Rail


Track Twin

Using data collected with our innovative RILA® monitoring system, we provide a digital twin of the entire rail corridor so you can monitor essential infrastructure assets, detect changes and avoid unplanned incidents.

Smart Tamp

Using our unique approach, we deliver greater tamping efficiency to provide you with improved network uptime and a reduction in maintenance costs without putting any boots on the ballast.

Vegetation Control

Our powerful tool captures and automatically classifies lidar and image data, allowing you to measure, monitor and manage trackside vegetation where it encroaches the track or overhead line equipment (OLE), or where there is imminent risk of danger.

RILA® coverage check

Find out where in the world our RILA® system has already delivered high-accuracy track data of the railway and surrounding infrastructure.

Site characterisation

A thorough knowledge of ground conditions helps to predict and understand the performance of underground and surface rail assets.

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