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RILA track and RILA 360

Our innovative rail infrastructure alignment acquisition platform - RILA - measures absolute track position, track geometry and the wider rail corridor to millimetre accuracy. Train-mounted RILA systems quickly and efficiently measure the track and rail corridor, avoiding disruption to rail services and removing the risks associated with trackside working.

RILA Track

RILA Track measures absolute track position and geometry to engineering specification accuracy, incorporating georeferenced video to record track assets. It is unique in being the only track measurement system able to connect to any passenger train and measure at line speed – up to 200 kmph/120 mph - without the need to alter or affect the train’s normal operating performance.

All equipment is installed in a transportable device, which can be mounted to the automated coupler of a passenger train or to a set of buffers within two minutes. Track profiles are collected using an integrated laser and imaging system that computes position and orientation from on-board GPS and inertial measurement systems.

As the RILA Track system passes over the track, the system’s laser vision system projects a laser beam over each rail and an integrated camera captures high resolution images of the rail profile, calculating the coordinates of 1,400 laser points per rail head. The laser image of the rail head and rail foot provides high accuracy profiles and measurements that can be used to determine rail head and running edge wear, as well as wear of S&C components.

The RILA Track system also incorporates an integrated video that can be georeferenced using RILA Track survey data, and used for desk-based analysis and validation.

Rila Track 360.

Installation of RILA system with a connection time of less than 2 minutes

RILA 360

While the RILA Track system focuses on the track, the RILA 360 system incorporates twin 360° laser scanners and a panoramic imaging system to supply ultra-high density lidar point cloud data of the entire route. Each laser scanner rotates at 200 Hz, recording one million points per second. The RILA 360 system can be mounted to any buffered service train and scans the complete rail corridor, including track assets, structures, earthworks and vegetation. Although the RILA systems work independently, they can be combined to produce a highly accurate georeferenced or geopositioned point cloud, enabling detailed and precise planimetric feature extraction.

RILA Track/360

Our innovative RILA systems provide access to a wide variety of asset management and track position data, providing value for money while reducing the need to carry out traditional surveys in open line working or possessions. 

RILA data can provide the digital backbone for a total rail network. The highly accurate and repeatable survey information of the track and the wider rail corridor can be used at any stage in the design process: for as-built or as the foundation of more enhanced 3D building information models (BIM).


  • Ultra high accuracy, resolution and point density data
  • Greatly reduced safety hazards associated with survey crews working on the track and less disruption caused by track possessions
  • High speed operation, enabling data to be collected at significantly lower costs
  • No need for special measurement trains and additional train paths
  • Multiple data sources (laser point cloud, video and imagery)
  • Limited disruption to train services, increasing efficiency
  • Improved usability and functionality of less accurate datasets

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