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Optimise costs and reduce risks using Roames® Virtual World Asset Management to assess, monitor and maintain your powerline network.
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Our award-winning technology designed specifically for power utilities is based on Remote Observation Automated Modeling Economic Simulation (ROAMES®) which provides an accurate and dynamic 3D virtual model of electricity infrastructure to create a digital foundation for you to strategically manage your assets.

By combining innovative 3D mapping techniques with cutting-edge machine learning and cloud computing, Fugro Roames® unlocks new insights to help you reduce operational costs, and deliver improved sustainability and better grid reliability. 

Reduce maintenance and vegetation management operational costs by up to 40 %
Optimise maintenance schedules and reduce risk by identifying compliance defects across your network
Inform short- and long-term strategic asset management planning with increased network insights

Fugro Roames® Virtual World Asset Management

Our Fugro Roames® Virtual World Asset Management technology enables power companies to monitor and maintain their assets effectively and efficiently to optimise performance and reduce risk. Roames® helps you minimise the cost and environmental impact of overhead powerline maintenance.

Vegetation and clearance management

Fugro Roames®’ disruptive technology applies remote sensing and cloud computing to model overhead line networks. It is proven to achieve up to 40 % savings on operational costs while also reducing associated powerline risks.

Image based condition assessment

Aerial imagery uncovers 27 times more defects than ground-based techniques. Fugro Roames® provides high-resolution imagery and the tools to capture, detect and report defects automatically, enabling you to carry out repairs within hours of identification.

Asset insights and analytics

In the complex and dynamic 3D energy landscape, our data analytics will provide insight into the external factors effecting your network helping you manage, inspect and maintain your assets, whether you are office-based or out in the field.

Industry Recognition

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