Land site characterisation

Land site characterisation

Responsible land development depends on accurate environmental, geotechnical and geophysical data. We both acquire and interpret this data, using our expertise, in situ testing and world-class laboratory facilities to turn data into valuable knowledge.

With this information, ground characteristics and behaviours can be confidently determined, and potential hazards identified, allowing solutions to be modelled and managed. This enables our clients to make informed decisions during the engineering, design and construction phases of infrastructure development projects, ultimately reducing project risk and costs.

Geotechnical ground investigation

We provide the full suite of site investigation tools to support characterisation of the ground conditions and determination of ground risk factors for onshore projects anywhere in the world.

Geological and geophysical surveys

As experts in the provision of geological and geophysical surveys, we offer reliable, adaptive and highly innovative bundled services.

Nearshore geotechnical site investigation

From the shoreline to depths of 40 metres, we support geotechnical projects in coastal locations with comprehensive site investigation and installation services.

Testing and monitoring

We provide static and dynamic pile testing, advanced monitoring services and advanced geotechnical laboratory testing of soils, rocks, foundations and construction materials to support infrastructure developments.

Environmental site characterisation and remediation

Our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge environmental site investigation and remediation technologies provides cost-effective, accurate subsurface screening, sampling and remediation support for any site condition .

Water consultancy services

We provide insight and solutions to support the design and construction of projects in the fields of water resources management and development, water defence, and flood control.

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