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Advanced numerical analysis

We analyse geotechnical problems using a wide range of advanced modelling tools. In the assessment of design aspects such as foundation behaviour and pipe-soil interaction we utilise 2D and 3D finite difference or finite element approaches or limit plasticity calculations. We perform routine calculations quickly, using our range of model templates; these are modified as required for each design situation.

We also model project specific design considerations, or more complex geometries or stratigraphies, using our range of 2D and 3D analysis software.

Fugro provides a wide range of advanced numerical modelling services:

  • Our suite of advanced numerical modelling tools includes commercially available software such as FLAC, PLAXIS, Abaqus, ELFEN and Limitstate:GEO. We enhance the capabilities of these software programmes by writing supplementary code in-house for specific applications.
  • We utilise the features of various tools, including commercial software and our own programmes, to develop multistage procedures using different analysis tools. For example, we calculate pore pressure generation or soil strength gain or degradation using one software and input data into another to perform a soil-structure interaction analysis.
  • In some situations, we verify predicted behaviour using the latest advances in research tools and/or physical model testing. Our strong links with research institutions ensure we keep abreast of state-of-the-art developments in numerical modelling and physical modelling techniques. In addition, our research into numerical and physical modelling enables us to easily implement changes to our models and benefit our clients.
  • Observing deformation patterns and failure mechanisms of shallow and deep foundations using advanced analysis tools can identify behaviour not captured by traditional analysis methods. Thanks to many years’ experience in offshore foundation design, we can identify situations that require additional analysis in order to determine the governing behaviour.
  • Based on our experience in geotechnical modelling and soil behaviour, we have developed constitutive models to represent non-standard soils. In particular, our expertise in carbonate materials is unique and we have developed models to capture the unusual nature of these soils when subjected to various loading conditions.

We perform advanced numerical modelling of a wide range of engineering situations:

  • Capacity and deformation calculation and identification of failure mechanisms for shallow foundations under monotonic or cyclic loading
  • Estimation of additional settlement experienced by foundations due to soil extrusion through perforations in foundation baseplate
  • Cyclic axial and lateral response of piles in soil and soft rock
  • Pile extrusion buckling during installation
  • Dynamic analysis of pile free-fall during installation
  • Stability of open holes drilled for grouted piles or conductors
  • Assessment of thermal effects (heating or cooling cycles) on well conductor response
  • Capacity of rock berm surrounding a pipeline under forces imposed during pipeline movement
  • Pipeline-soil interaction analysis
  • Pipeline embedment
  • Hole stability and crater collapse after removal of a jack-up foundation
  • Liquefaction of bulk materials in transit
  • Seismic soil-structure interaction considering detailed time histories
  • Floatation of buried pipelines due to wave or earthquake induced excess pore pressures

Our advanced numerical analysis services enable potential geotechnical issues to be addressed in the design of structures and in construction and installation methodologies. Our approach benefits clients by:

  • Accelerating the process of analysis and modelling using our in-house templates
  • Ensuring the latest techniques, technological developments and modelling tools are utilised
  • Enhancing the capabilities of commercial analysis software,
  • Conducting analysis specific to the conditions and requirements of each project
  • Applying finite element and finite difference analyses to a comprehensive range of engineering situations

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