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Land geotechnical engineering

A wide range of engineering services means that we can respond professionally to your geotechnical engineering requirements, both onshore and nearshore. Using advanced exploration tools, field and laboratory testing and analytical/computer methods we identify, evaluate and resolve geotechnical design challenges.

We specialise in challenging projects and some of our most complicated assignments have included the integration of geological, geophysical, hydrogeological and geotechnical data to predict site performance.

For assignments in areas of seismic activity, difficult site access, climate extremes, environmental sensitivity and urban or industrial complexity, we maintain an exceptional range of equipment, technologies and expertise. Working to understand and meet your challenges is what sets us apart from other geotechnical companies. For both routine and more complex projects we excel in providing you with detailed site characterisation and geotechnical design recommendations.

Site Characterisation

Our advanced data collection and analysis techniques enable us to define risk and we work closely with you to manage and mitigate geologic hazard or geotechnical constraints. For siting, development, construction and assessment/stabilisation of new and existing facilities - both onshore and offshore - our site characterisation services include:

  • Review of documents to determine geologic conditions, groundwater levels and foundation conditions of existing structures
  • Analysis of aerial photos, remote imagery, and 2D/3D seismic data to identify geologic and geomorphic features that may present potential hazards
  • Geologic mapping and analysis of 2D/3D seismic data to characterise surface conditions
  • Tunnel and excavation mapping
  • Landslide investigation, characterisation and mitigation
  • Detailed characterisation of rock mass stability, strength and deformation properties
  • Mapping and characterising bedrock and overburden materials
  • Monitoring existing structures
  • Deformation monitoring through geotechnical instrumentation
  • Determination of groundwater occurrence, in situ permeability and flow paths

Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting

We deliver clear information for an accurate understanding of soil and engineering properties; this information can provide you with the basis for cost savings in foundation design and long-term infrastructure maintenance. Our services include:

  • Site development recommendations
  • Borrow source evaluation studies
  • Foundation design recommendations
  • Groundwater management
  • Instrumentation installation/monitoring
  • Project management
  • Slope stability studies
  • Fault studies/earthquake engineering
  • Underground construction/tunnelling
  • Cold region/permafrost soils engineering

We work with developers, architects, engineers, government agencies, utilities companies, municipalities, insurance companies, attorneys and private owners. We are particularly proud of our successful siting and characterisation studies for energy generation and transmission facilities and evaluation of existing aging facilities such as dams and penstock.

Our expertise, active research efforts and past consulting projects include:

  • Facility siting and routing assessments
  • Fault rupture setback assessments
  • Landslide stabilisation and drainage characterisation
  • Rockfall deflection and catchment facility assessment
  • Rock slope reinforcement recommendations
  • Pipeline directional boring and fault crossings
  • Foundation design and stabilisation recommendations
  • Site preparation and grading recommendations
  • Liquefaction assessment and mitigation recommendations
  • Volcanic hazard abatement
  • Post fire debris flow hazard

We provide solutions to your complex geologic and geotechnical problems using technically advanced methods of data collection and analysis and defining risk. Working closely with you, we help you to manage and mitigate geologic hazard or geotechnical constraints.

  • Providing geotechnical engineering services for over 50 years
  • Specialised equipment, technologies and expertise
  • Onshore and nearshore capabilities - uniquely providing engineering services for difficult coastal locations
  • Actively involved in research, producing advanced methods and techniques

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