Testing and monitoring

We provide static and dynamic pile testing, advanced monitoring services and advanced geotechnical laboratory testing of soils, rocks, foundations and construction materials to support infrastructure developments.

Deep foundation testing

As deep foundation elements and individual projects grow larger and more complex, our specialist techniques are critical to long-term foundation performance.

Construction materials engineering and testing

We provide assurance that the quality of materials meets design specifications – an essential element for a successful construction project.

Instrumentation and monitoring

Monitoring solutions for challenging environments using structural, geotechnical and environmental monitoring systems.

Non-destructive testing

Meeting the most stringent international standards, we provide nondestructive testing (NDT) services for minimal interference with your construction, operations or project schedules.

Laboratory testing of soil and rocks

With accredited laboratories around the world, we perform sophisticated testing to local and international standards to help you better understand soil behaviour.

Foundation investigations

Our foundation investigation service provides an effective way to assess the current and expected quality and performance of your foundations.

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