Our worldwide experience in the design and installation of structural, geotechnical, environmental and hydrological monitoring systems is diverse and ranges from the installation of a single sensor to more complex and powerful, automated, remotely-controlled systems.

Our instrumentation and monitoring expertise extends to a wide variety of sectors, where we provide the best monitoring solutions for your requirements. Our commitment to your project ensures that we are with you throughout the whole life of your project, by including:

  • Monitoring system design
  • Procurement and supply
  • Installation, commissioning and testing
  • Baseline readings
  • Monitoring and data presentation
  • Decommissioning

All our monitoring solutions include:

Design and risk analysis

We optimise the design of each monitoring system, including risk identification and appropriate mitigation techniques.

Monitoring specification and costing

We have worked on some of the most prestigious monitoring projects in the world. We carefully review the specification provided and suggest value engineering approaches to minimise costs without affecting quality. Our independent status (we do not sell or distribute our own products) allows us to provide a highly competitive commercial proposal to suit the project.

Installation and commissioning

The correct installation and commissioning of a monitoring system can fundamentally affect data quality. Our extensive experience includes installation, commissioning, testing, monitoring and decommissioning of all types of sensors. We aim to get it right first time.

Online monitoring of data

Data collected from our systems can be viewed using our in-house software, GeODin® Monitor, which presents the data graphically and in tabular form; it also generates reports. Data is accessible 24/7 via secure web pages and we offer consultancy services to carry out interpretation.

Tailored system specification

To ensure informed engineering decisions and risk reduction, an instrumentation system must be reliable and as maintenance-free as possible. Our experience with small and large monitoring systems ensures that we can deliver suitably specified monitoring, providing accurate data quickly.

As an industry leader in the provision of geo-services, with a network of over 260 offices in 62 countries, we are able to provide local knowledge, coupled with technical expertise. We provide a full range of resources for monitoring needs for various applications in various industries.


The development of a new metro or upgrading of existing infrastructure often requires complex instrumentation solutions. Our fully automated geotechnical and structural monitoring systems, integrated with surveying solutions, ensure that whatever the specification, we provide the optimal system to manage your requirements.

Building and infrastructure

Deep excavations require stability, prop load monitoring and dewatering control to ensure minimal effects to adjacent buildings, sub-surface structures and services.

Tunnels and tunnelling affect the surrounding ground, causing settlement. Controlling the rate of tunnel advancement requires a combination of settlement monitoring, convergence monitoring and TBM guidance to ensure maximum progress with minimum disturbance.

Large span bridges often require monitoring systems to be integrated into a maintenance programme. This can include strain measurements, including cable strand monitoring, bridge bearing performance, GPS and weather monitoring to ensure that the bridge is working within its design limits and to provide early warnings of structural fatigue.

The performance of deep foundations, including piles and barrettes, is critical to the integrity of a new structure. The design of these foundations can be checked by bi-directional and traditional pile testing, embedded strain gauges and thermal integrity.

Landfill sites are often created within large excavations that frequently require groundwater management, leachate and ground gas monitoring and slope stability issues.

Power Generation

In the renewables industry, monitoring is required during the building of a wind farm and throughout its operation. We have installed fully instrumented metmasts, turbine foundations and grouted connection monitoring to manage the structures and monitor noise and vibration, ensuring compliance within statutory limits. We also provide GPS systems for positional control.

In the nuclear industry our systems can be utilised during deep repository development or to minimise human involvement in hazardous areas using a wide range of remote access solutions. 


Mining operations are susceptible to excavation induced settlements or slope stability issues and may require aerial surveying, dimensional control (for slope stability and excavation rates) and groundwater management.

Asset management

Structural Health Monitoring Systems (SHMS) are fully integrated and include strain monitoring, load monitoring (active and passive) with GPS systems and automated surveying techniques. Extending the lifetime of an asset may include corrosion rate control, settlement, structural integrity and temperature management.

Hydrology – Hydrogeology

Measuring fluctuations in groundwater can affect the stability of a structure. This includes dykes, dams and flood management. Piezometric monitoring systems that include negative pore water pressure can be installed to measure dewatering rates. Water quality, water depth and flow, turbidity, pH and temperature are regularly monitored in environmentally sensitive areas.

Fugro’s local presence, coupled with our global expertise, enables us to provide a world-class instrumentation and monitoring service throughout the whole life of a project.

  • Independent supplier of equipment
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Advanced online data presentation and analysis
  • Access to additional services within the Fugro group such as drilling, geophysics and surveying
  • Rapid mobilisation to any location, no matter how remote
  • Worldwide support

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