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Marine asset integrity

Fugro provides offshore asset management; including inspection, repair and maintenance services; monitoring and remote systems technologies; and diverse testing and engineering capabilities support the long-term safety and integrity of both natural and man-made marine assets.

Offshore asset management

We provide project-wide support through the accurate positioning of vessels and infrastructure, the provision of enhanced drilling and construction operations, ongoing offshore asset protection, and environmental management.

Positioning and construction support

We provide tailored marine positioning, measurement, survey and ROV services to support the development, construction, installation and decommissioning of offshore structures, wind farms, pipelines, cables and seabed production facilities.

Satellite positioning

Centimetre accuracy DGNSS augmentation services that provide reliable and robust worldwide, real-time satellite positioning to oil and gas, merchant, offshore, research and naval operators.

Monitoring and forecasting

Our forecasting and real-time monitoring provides information on position, movement, orientation, physical condition, environmental conditions to support offshore operations in the marine environment.

IRM services

We provide services to support the inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore structures and infrastructure.

ROV services and tooling

We support drilling campaigns from strategically located worldwide bases using a large fleet of work-class ROVs with best-in-class system components.

Marine infrastructure solutions

We have extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities for specialist marine foundation drilling and installations which help deliver your marine installation and construction projects safely, efficiently and on time.

Remote inspection

With the maritime industry transitioning to remote and autonomous operations, the need for safe, efficient and sustainable remote inspection is ever-growing.

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