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Roames Marine Asset Management Solution
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Roames Marine is a powerful tool for facilitating asset management and creating substantial financial benefits by streamlining operations, reducing maintenance costs, increasing return on assets and enhancing cost accuracy.

Optimised IRM programs
Reduced vessel time
Extended asset life resulting from better design, predictive maintenance, and more efficient operations
Reduced data and infrastructure overheads

Marine Asset Management Solution

The Roames platform provides visualisation, reporting and analysis capabilities through a 3D real world environment. Data can be uploaded, embedded and securely shared. Mobile devices and applications connect and allow functional interaction with this virtual world.

Network Model

Roames provides a precise and reliable real-world representation of subsea assets in an interactive environment, enriched with all properties and structural details.

IRM Impact

Roames provides a risk-based assessment to reduce the number of field visits, lower offshore operation costs and assure safe and efficient asset utilisation.

Seabed Dynamics

Roames advanced simulations predict environment and asset behaviour changes. These insights allow less conservative asset condition assessment and further offshore program optimisation.

Pipeline Condition

Roames collaborates with engineering partners to provide services that improve efficient and cost-effective pipeline design, management and operation.

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