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Integrated Marine Management System
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Fugro’s NorthStar® Integrated Marine Management System (IMMS) is a ‘fitness tracker’ for floating production assets (FPS) to ensure safe and efficient production while prolonging asset life.  

By delivering high-quality integrated data in real time, NorthStar® IMMS allows offshore and onshore personnel to make informed decisions that maximise production uptime and operational safety.

Safer and faster offloading operations
Timely intervention for mooring integrity risks
Reduced maintenance costs via asset health insight
Improved safety through comprehensive data collection and analysis


The harsh marine environment exposes FPS to different motions and forces that fatigue and degrade the structural integrity of the asset. This results in a reduced operational lifespan, production downtime, loss of station-keeping, and even hydrocarbon release.  

NorthStar® enables you to confirm the health of the asset and identify any deviations from the design conditions that impact operational safety and efficiency. It reduces repair and maintenance costs by continuously monitoring mooring tensions, hull stress and motion of your asset in response to the local environmental conditions to unlock profitable redeployment and life extension opportunities.  

NorthStar® IMMS provides alerts in real time to situational changes that impact the integrity of the asset and surrounding infrastructure to enable proactive mitigation, and safe and efficient production, storage and offloading of oil and gas.

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Anchor Line Monitoring System

Accurate and real-time confirmation of the structural integrity of mooring lines for floating production systems (FPS) allows for timely and proactive intervention for cost-effective risk mitigation.

Berthing Aid System

A high-precision portable positioning system that enables safer and faster offloading and berthing operations from FPS to help prevent loss of station-keeping, reduce collision risk, and avoid hydrocarbon release.

Environment Monitoring System

Offers reliable information on metocean conditions for the safe and efficient operation of floating production systems by integrating meteorological conditions, sea state and weather forecast information for a holistic view of environmental conditions.

Excursion Monitoring System

Continuously monitors the position of FPS relative to the installed mooring centre and excursion tolerances for early detection of hazards and uncharacteristic movements to inform proactive intervention.

Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)

Helping you to manage helicopter operations safely and effectively with reliable information on helideck motion and weather conditions for safe take-off and landing onto offshore assets.

Hull Structure Monitoring System

Measures structural responses and hull condition in real time to improve asset and environmental safety allowing for timely intervention and risk mitigation for safe and efficient operations.

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