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Measuring environmental and structural loading on offshore wind turbines, platforms, wellheads and risers can generate cost savings by extending operating life, identifying design conservatism and providing long-term integrity assurance and design verification. Our measurement services include vessel responses and we can supply standard systems from our pool of field-proven equipment; alternatively we can develop customised solutions using sensors and instrumentation to suit individual project requirements.

Our offshore structural measurement services are used for design verification, construction and operational phases of a structure’s life, providing the dynamic responses of fixed and floating structures, wind turbines, pipelines, risers, etc., compared with the input loadings from the environment.  Structural monitoring is also used to enhance safety on damaged or scoured structures and demonstrate the effectiveness of repairs.

Our solutions include field-proven instrumentation installed by our experienced offshore engineers, and equipment designed for client installation. Our flexible solutions ensure that the project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

In addition to the configuration and installation of the offshore structural and riser monitoring systems, we also collate and analyse the recorded data. The content of each report is tailored to your requirements and can include quality control and presentation of the data, fatigue calculations, or spectral and modal analysis of structural responses.

Services include:

  • Offshore wind turbine foundation and tower monitoring
  • Wellhead and riser instrumentation service (WARIS)
  • Jacket monitoring
  • Jack-up platform monitoring
  • Wellhead settlement monitoring
  • Vortex induced vibration monitoring (VIV)
  • Optima riser management system
  • Production riser monitoring
  • Floatover monitoring
  • Heavy lift monitoring
  • Tow and transportation monitoring
  • Pipelay vessel motion monitoring
  • Mooring monitoring

Offshore Measurement Services

Our range of offshore measurement services provides essential information for the implementation of cost-effective solutions, to enhance safety and extend the operating life of offshore structures. Our extensive experience in the offshore industry allows us to provide accurate data interpretation, data analysis and subsequent results followed by practical solutions and recommendations. Our expertise extends to the installation of measurement systems in hazardous area environments using intrinsically safe equipment. For operating requirements in the offshore industry, we provide fast and efficient services for prompt and accurate solutions to problems.

Fugro’s offshore services fall into four main categories:

  • Integrated data acquisition systems
  • Data analysis and automated processing
  • Subsea instrumentation
  • Measurements for construction support

Wellhead and riser instrumentation service

With our field-proven DeepData sensor pods, we can monitor wellheads and risers for motion, strain, fatigue and vortex induced vibration (VIV) events as well as estimate soil stiffness. Our DeepData sensor pods can be ROV deployable on drilling or production risers and configured for hydroacoustic communication for regular topside communication or used stand-alone.

Fatigue sustained on a wellhead/riser can be determined from subsea motion measurements and used to refine a fatigue model, resulting in a reduction of the estimated fatigue damage incurred and  a reduction in rig down time. Motion data can also be monitored against allowable limits to ensure safe operations, while eliminating unnecessary drilling downtime to provide evidence of the actual system behaviour during operations and to refine the best estimate of dynamic soil stiffness, thereby improving the structural model of the riser and wellhead.

The subsea measurements can be complemented with our other systems including current profiling hardware to help identify VIV events on the riser or from topside systems such as vessel motion to aid in characterising the wellhead and riser behaviour.

We collate, analyse, interpret, and report all the recorded subsea and topside data, tailored to your requirements including quality control and presentation of the data, fatigue calculations, or spectral and modal analysis of structural responses.

Structural monitoring systems for platforms and offshore infrastructure

Our On Line Monitoring (OLM) system provides a cost-effective means of monitoring the integrity of jacket structures for design verification, to evaluate the performance of the structures by comparing measured data with design. The OLM system measures the acceleration response of platforms and compares it to the wave motion. Significant damage can be identified by a change in natural frequencies exhibited by the platform.

The measurement of environmental and structural parameters for jack-up platform monitoring provides verification of the performance of the structures in extreme conditions and information on foundation conditions. To minimise downtime and enhance safety, it is also used to verify actual sea states and rig motions during jack up and jack down operations.

Construction support for offshore operations

Our range of structural measurement services  support safe and efficient offshore construction operations combining the measurement of wave height, vessel motion, movement and stress and load transfer motion to allow safe and efficient offshore heavy lifts, pipelaying operations and tow and transportation of offshore infrastructure.

  • Construction support services include:
  • Wave height measurements for accurate evaluation of the prevailing environment
  • Vessel motion measurements to allow lifting and other construction operations to be carried out within safe limits, but with minimum downtime
  • Measurements of load transfer during jacking, module replacement
  • Motion monitoring during heavy lifts, tows etc. for safe operation and evaluation of loading
  • Measurement of movement and stresses in tendons, risers and other subsea equipment during and after installation

Fugro specialises in all aspects of measurement, analysis and monitoring of structures, offering a range of services and systems which provide asset integrity specialists and structural engineers with essential information regarding the performance of in-service structures. Our highly trained engineers analyse and report on the collected data as required by the clients’ stakeholders.

Systems and services for foundations, towers, topside, jacket, vessel and subsea work are developed individually based on your requirements. Each package is tailored to ensure all the required data is of high quality and cost-effective. Equipment is fully configured and tested prior to delivery, ensuring fast, efficient and correct installation and commissioning on site. The expertise and experience of our engineers ensure the delivery of practical solutions and efficient data.

In addition we offer:

  • Equipment with a proven track record in the offshore environment
  • Highly trained and experienced staff
  • Focus on quality structural measurements
  • Costs reductions for the operator
  • Confirmation of design assumptions for fatigue performance, loads and natural periods
  • Bespoke systems to meet your specifications
  • Worldwide support
  • Quantification of conservatism in design
  • Prevention of avoidable damage
  • The use of performance based operational decisions
  • Justification for life extension and the modification of inspection schedules

Fugro DeepData

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On Line Monitoring

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