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We are a global provider of integrated real-time environmental monitoring and information systems for oceans, rivers and lakes. The systems are often used by institutes to collect data for scientific studies, and are also often used in offshore oil and gas production, harbour monitoring, sea and fresh water quality monitoring and weather forecasting.

Our SEAWATCH® system is an integrated, real-time marine monitoring and information system. SEAWATCH® is delivered as a turnkey system for coastal and offshore monitoring, or as modules to improve existing infrastructures. These modules are adapted to suit your local and regional requirements. Applications include:

  • Monitoring of metocean conditions
  • Tsunami Detection
  • Agae bloom monitoring
  • Coastal zone management
  • Oil spill contingency planning and forecasting
  • Essential information for environmental monitoring
  • Wind profile monitoring for offshore wind farms

We manufacture the entire range of SEAWATCH® range of products, specifically designed and developed for real-time ocean monitoring, to be used in large regional systems or standalone:

  • Mini II Buoy: Ideal for wave and current measurements used both for ocean, coastal, estuary and lake applications.
  • Midi Buoy: Medium-sized buoy for general-purpose metoceanand water quality monitoring in lake/reservoir, harbour, coastal and nearshore environments.
  • Wavescan® Buoy: A versatile instrumentation platform for metocean and water quality monitoring in severe deepwater conditions.
  • SEAWATCH® Buoy: Unique vertical stabilised multipurpose metocean buoy ideal for wind and wind profile monitoring.
  • SEAWATCH® Wind lidar Buoy: A cost-effective and reliable platform for measuring wind profiles, waves and current profiles.

Our SEAWATCH® systems can provide you with comprehensive support enabling you to save time, money and improve safety through early warning detection, forecasting and decision-support for environmental monitoring, resource and emergency management. SEAWATCH® can benefit your project in the following ways:

  • Reducing operational cost
  • Improving operational safety
  • Reducing downtime by monitoring in real-time
  • Improving operational and project planning

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