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Fugro’s 3Direct® system provides accurate and continuous position and orientation measurements of offshore jacket structures during placement. The position, heading, pitch and roll of the jacket is accurately calculated in real-time using advanced vision-based technology removing the need for sensors on the structure. It offers a safe method of monitoring offshore structural installation in real-time and is fully remote, requiring no tracking equipment to be installed on the structure.

Installing structures offshore previously consisted of installation followed by removal of the various survey sensors and tools (gyro, GNSS, prisms etc.) on the structures used to support installation activities. These sensors enabled surveyors on installation vessels and operators to know the orientation and position of jackets during installation. However, these sensors required personnel to visit the structure, which can be a complex, time consuming, and high-risk operation. Especially when operating in poor weather conditions or when working at height. 

3Direct® removes the need to install sensors on the structure by tracking the structure's position and orientation from a safe and convenient distance using an augmented reality structure model in the video stream. This allows the tracking of tubular sections that make up a structure, such as a jacket. The method makes use of information contained in engineering drawings of the structure to track and calculate its position and orientation in real-time from a live video stream. This is achieved by computer-vision algorithms and a motion-compensated machine vision camera integrated into a state-of-the-art tracking system for offshore installation support. One or more cameras are used to create a wide-angle view across the structure from the deck of the installation vessel. Each camera is equipped with a motion sensor that compensates for vessel motion. 

Installation of offshore jacket structures

3Direct® is used for the installation of offshore jacket structures. It provides accurate and robust measurements using high resolution cameras mounted at a safe and convenient distance from the structure. No sensors or markers are required on the structure, and measurements are captured in real-time with intelligent object tracking techniques to enable hands-off and continuous operations throughout the jacket placement.

Traditional surveying methods typically require the installation of Global Navigation Satellite System receivers and supporting equipment like gyroscopes on the jacket. This method exposes equipment and personnel to risk introduced by lifting operations, failing equipment batteries or transponders, personnel transfers, and equipment immersion during launch. 3Direct® mitigates these risks by providing a fully remote solution.
  • Reduce HSSE risk achieved by no personnel needing to enter the structure to install or remove survey equipment
  • Minimise downtime by removing the survey equipment from the jacket and having access to high-quality positioning data to support decision making
  • Faster installations and reduced vessel time enabled by real-time monitoring of the jacket and accurate placement
  • High-quality data and insights on the project status by continuous data logging, time-stamped imagery, reporting and visualisations
  • Easy to transport and mobilise on the vessel making tracking of the installation process effortless

3Direct® Flyer

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