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Using the power of augmented reality, QuickVision® provides accurate subsea asset positioning during subsea drilling and construction support operations, saving you time and money while also reducing HSSE risk. 

For subsea positioning, virtual marker buoys can be augmented into the video view, eliminating the need for physical marker buoys to be installed on the seabed. For structure installations, QuickVision® removes the requirement for specialist survey sensors to be attached to subsea structures.


The QuickVision® smart subsea camera, in combination with the Starfix® software suite, provides unique features that support your subsea drilling and structure installation operations.

Where visibility is poor, existing infrastructure can be accurately augmented into the ROV video feed to provide improved situational awareness for the ROV pilot. During drilling operations, virtual marker buoys can be drawn into the ROV video feed to enable the accurate positioning of conductors onto the seabed. 

The QuickVision® camera solution has the ability to accurately track and measure the position, heading and attitude of adhesive targets attached to subsea structures, removing the requirement for the installation of expensive and bulky peripheral sensors on subsea structures. 

Where two structures need to be positioned relative to each other, coded targets can be attached to both structures and very accurate relative measurements derived in real  time. This is particularly useful for subsea docking operations.

The QuickVision® system also provides the ability to rapidly undertake contactless heading, inclination, and depth and height observations of any existing structure using onscreen augmented reality tools. 

Drilling Applications

QuickVision® has been proven to generate operational efficiencies in shallow and deepwater drilling operations.

Subsea well positioning - Virtual Marker Buoy functionality enables a visual positioning of the spudding of a well without the need for an ROV to pre-install marker buoys on the seabed. This reduces vessel time associated with the installation and recovery of the marker buoys.

Conductor Well Setting - QuickVision® targets are attached to the conductor to determine its height, inclination and orientation. The camera system on the ROV can then observe these targets to determine accurate conductor height, inclination and orientation measurements. This approach removes the required for the physical attachment of sensors onto the conductors. 

Blowout Preventer Landing - Landing a blowout preventer (BOP) onto a permanent guide base requires precise alignment to avoid damaging the critical seals during the mating. QuickVision® enables the relative position between the two structures to be monitored at a centimetre level in real time to provide real-time feedback to the operations on the mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) to ensure a rapid and safe mating operation. 

Construction Applications

As-Found Structure Measurement - Remote measurements taken at a distance from the subsea structure are quicker and safer for both personnel and the existing asset. QuickVision® enables rapid and contactless measurements of position, heading, attitude and height of a subsea structure from an ROV. 

Structure Installation - The virtual marker buoy functionality generates a visual positioning of a structure without the need for an ROV to pre-install marker buoys on the seabed. Using coded targets, the QuickVision® camera can determine the heading and attitude of the structure as it is landed and validate that this is within specification. This removes the requirement to pre-install and recover a sensor package on the structure during installation, which reduces vessel time and overhead costs.

Pipeline Corridor Marking - During pipelay operations, it is often necessary to mark the corridor for the pipeline installation with marker buoys to ensure that the pipe is installed away from any existing hazardous infrastructure. The QuickVision® solution eliminates this requirement, providing the ability to superimpose virtual marker buoys into a live video feed to aid the installation of a pipeline along the desired corridor.

QuickVision® facilitates offshore installation operations without the installation of electronic equipment on structures or pre-installed seabed markers buoys. It can be used to observe survey measurements on existing seabed infrastructure or to support the installation of new seabed structures.

The key benefits are:

  • Reduced vessel time – faster structure installation without the need to pre-install seabed references
  • Safer operations – contactless measurement of subsea structures with no sensors to install
  • Reduced costs – QuickVision® removes the requirements for the installation of sensor packages onto structures

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