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Our scanning sonar services for seafloor site investigations allow clients to address real-time needs during critical operations. This interpretative tool may be used to determine approaches to locations as well as for preliminary hazard surveys for project management decisions. 

Using the latest multibeam and Echoscope® equipment, we scan the seafloor to create high resolution, 360 degree panoramic views. This enables irregularities and significant features of the seabed to be quickly identified as part of pre-site investigations.

We enable clients to ‘see’ the seabed, even in the most challenging conditions, helping them to plan approaches to locations, both on and off location.

Acquired data can also aid in identifying and communicating potential hazards that may cause damage to personnel, equipment, or the environment. 

Scanning sonar data is combined with client database information to provide valuable integrated data solutions and improve project management decisions.

We also provide clients with positioning assistance, the mapping of downed structures and data processing services. 

By combining data, image techniques, and visualisation of the seafloor, our scanning sonar survey services provide clients with a comprehensive view of seabed environments.

This insight contributes to area mapping, the location of avoidance areas, vessel positioning and the identification of downed structures, debris, pipelines and other subsea hazards.

We not only turn surveys and processing around quickly, but we verify data to ensure accuracy and scan quality. Our detailed reports provide the interpretations required by clients to make quick, confident decisions, saving both time and money.


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