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Starfix® on Demand is our versatile industry-leading offshore survey and positioning solution that delivers the most efficient, adaptive and assured vessel positioning on the market. Supplied on a subscription basis, it increases operational flexibility through real-time remote services to directly reduce cost and HSSE exposure.

Fugro offers three service options to optimise efficiency, cost, performance and quality on a project-by-project basis. This provides total flexibility, whereby you choose the service option you need for each new project. The three options we offer are:


You hire the Starfix® on Demand hardware and software and operate it onboard your vessel, with Fugro managing software updates and hardware maintenance.

Remote Service

Building on Self Service, our experienced surveyors also provide real-time project support and survey services to your vessel operations via our 24-hour ROCs.

Full Service

We provide survey services with dedicated personnel onboard your vessel. Our specialists are mobilised to the vessel with any equipment required to deliver more complex survey operations.

  • Reduced HSSE exposure through trusted positioning assurance
  • Digital integration for 24-hour access to vessel positioning and real-time data
  • Accelerated data delivery and reporting
  • Rapid project mobilisation with remote support
  • Flexibility via our monthly subscription model
  • Reduced total spend through customised scalable services

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