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We provide a versatile range of ROVs and tooling to support exploration and production drilling programmes. From ROVs on shallow water jack-ups to heavy work class ROVs with extensive tooling packages on deepwater drill ships, we have the resources to suit your needs.

Underwater ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are tethered underwater vehicles equipped with video cameras, sonars, pipe-trackers and navigation, positioning sensors and integrated job specific tooling. ROVs inspect subsea system pipelines and other subsea equipment in water depths where divers cannot operate, whilst manipulators and intervention tools enable them to carry out task specific project requirements at depths as great as 4000 metres.

ROVs can be used for:

  • Exploration drilling / field installation support: During exploration, SPS installation completions and work-over operations
  • Inspection projects: For pipeline surveys and platform & subsea structures inspections
  • Construction support: For subsea infrastructure installation and support

Fugro work class FCV® ROVs are part of an evolving system design that support and exceed the demands of deep water operations. All ROVs are designed and built in-house using our extensive subsea knowledge and experience.

FCV® 4000 (200HP)

FCV 4000 (200 HP)

The 4000 msw rated FCV® 4000 (200HP) offers a market-leading solution for ultra-deepwater intervention and support.
FCV® 4000 (200HP) Specification

FCV® 3000 (200HP)

FCV 3000 (200 HP)

The FCV® 3000 (200HP) ROV is design to meet the extreme demands of deepwater drilling and completions. Due to its overall capability and modular design it be used to provide subsea oilfield and construction support as well as inspection, repair and maintenance of installations.
FCV® 3000 (200HP) Specification

FCV® 3000 (150HP)

FCV 3000 (150 HP)

The FCV® 3000 (150HP) offers the next generation of performance and capability. Combined with our extensive subsea expertise, the FCV® 300 helps us to collected data faster and with enhanced accuracy.
FCV® 3000 (150HP) Specification

FCV® 2000 (125HP)

FCV 2000 (125 HP)

The FCV® 2000 (125HP) is 2,000msw rated. It is designed specifically to cater for the rigours of Drilling and Completion Support to the medium water depth semi submersible drilling rigs and drill ships.
FCV® 2000 (125HP) Specification

FCV® 1000 (100HP)

FCV 1000

The FCV® 1000 is the 1,000msw rated iteration in the Fugro core vehicle family of 5th generation work class ROV systems.
FCV® 1000 (100HP) Specification

FCV® 600 (125HP)

FCV 600

Packaged in a compact frame with a smaller 600m buoyancy block the FCV® 600 provides a low cost, reliable, easily maintained and powerful ROV perfect for use on offshore oil and gas or renewables projects in the North Sea or Atlantic Ocean.
FCV® 600 (125HP) Specification

Seaeye Panther XT 

Seaeye Panther XT

The adaptable Panther XT is designed as the new benchmark for electric work ROVs and challenges heavier and more costly hydraulic vehicles, particularly where deck space is at a premium.
Seaeye Panther XT Specification

Seaeye Cougar-XT

Seaeye Cougar-XT

The Seaeye Cougar-XT ROV is a compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV capable of operating to a depth of 2000 metres.
Seaeye Cougar-XT Specification

Seaeye Lynx 

Seaeye Lynx

With exceptional maneuverability and power / size ratio, the Lynx offers increased vertical thrust, weight savings and makes use of a fibre-optic system for video and data communications providing high quality transfer of 3 simultaneous video channels.
Seaeye Lynx Specification

Seaeye Tiger

Seaeye Tiger

Tiger design has built up a strong reputation for performance, flexibility and reliability and is well established as the industry standard underwater inspection ROV .This small, but powerful vehicle, has been designed to undertake a wide range of inspection tasks and the combination payload, auxiliary power and communications channels.
Seaeye Tiger Specification

Seaeye Falcon

Seaeye Falcon

The Falcon can be utilised either as a powerful “Portable” ROV for fast and cost effective mobilisation via air transport or as a fully containerised unit complete with davit launch arrangement and umbilical winch.
Seaeye Falcon Specification

Benefits of our ROVs include: 

  • Delivering solutions to the rigours of deep water intervention and support
  • A wide range of data communications protocols facilitating efficient integration of add-on tools and sensors
  • Dedicated fleet of ROV support vessels
  • ROVs operated by skilled and experienced ROV pilots
  • In-house ROV training programmes
  • Global ROV 24-hour helpline support to our offshore teams and ensure updated information relayed to all ROV teams.

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