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Our seep hunting and geochemical campaigns are an innovative method for economical and effective exploration, especially in frontier regions where prospectivity is uncertain. Using world-class scientists and research assets, we provide results that exceed those of standard industry geochemical surveys.

Seep exploration and sampling is growing rapidly because of its proven success. Our modern seep hunting methods integrate multibeam mapping with other geophysical datasets to locate and precisely sample the highest quality targets for geochemical studies.These geochemical samples are then processed in ultra-clean conditions.

Some geochemistry is analysed on the vessel to provide real-time understanding of the geologic model and guidance for further sampling. Samples are then stored under secure conditions for subsequent analysis at a shore-based facility.

  • Evaluation and integration of any pre-existing data for survey planning
  • Map all (or most) of your lease block quickly (approximately 1000km2/day)
  • Multibeam data can be acquired at a fraction of the cost of 3D seismic data acquisition
  • Hull-mounted, multibeam echosounders provide high-quality bathymetry, backscatter, and water-column anomaly information
  • Sub-bottom profiler provides detailed, shallow sub seafloor stratigraphy
  • USBL-guided, targeted piston coring recovers precisely located samples
  • Onboard geochemistry supports preliminary interpretations
  • Our expert supervising scientists on board ensure the quality of every operation
  • Optional add-on services including heat flow analysis, environmental baseline surveys and metocean data acquisition
  • Our proprietary, Back2Base data transmission service enables even large datasets to be sent from ship to shore, greatly improving client involvement
  • Data can be used to attract farm-in partners or to make divestment decisions to allocate resources elsewhere

We have an enviable track record in seep hunting and geochemical campaigns with an exceptionally high success rate. Our specialised services deliver expertise in all phases, underpinned by a world-class safety culture. By analysing and interpreting hydrocarbon potential in frontier regions we lower costs and risks and reduce exploration uncertainties. Benefits include:

  • Obtaining optimum samples for geochemistry analysis
  • Understanding what is in your reservoir
  • Proving prospectivity of region
  • Obtaining data for future exploration work, undertaking regional shallow hazard assessment and making preliminary development considerations
  • Remaining informed throughout the process to track progress and measure goals
  • Taking advantage of a single mobilisation by adding services needed at later stages (such as environmental baseline surveys)

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