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Fugro provides a complete UXO risk mitigation solution for marine developments through predictable and optimised UXO derisking of the seabed. By combining our in-house geoscience services with insights into the marine environment, we offer an integrated survey, identification and clearance solution that reduces the threat of UXO.  

Our integrated approach to UXO risk mitigation optimises your target lists and reduces the need for visual inspection. Our full turnkey solution helps maximise clarity and predictability to keep your offshore projects on track. We do this by integrating these with the various tools and approaches our experts implement to derisk the seabed.

Marine geophysical UXO surveys

To investigate UXO on or below the seabed, we conduct magnetometer and gradiometry surveys using towed arrays that can operate from very shallow to deepwater conditions. Our experience includes working at challenging coastal sites using specialist access and investigation methodologies to map UXO in shallow transition zones that link land and marine environments. 

Acoustic 3D imaging

Our innovative use of acoustic 3D imaging before a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspection delivers better data accuracy allowing us to improve the identification of targets. This significantly reduces the number of targets that need further time-consuming investigation activities, such as visual inspection, and thereby improves project control and predictability.

Better UXO survey for fewer false positives

By reducing overall target lists through high accuracy and resolution surveys we can provide a higher probability and predictability of the remaining targets that still require visual inspection. Our experts utilise dedicated and fully mobilised survey and identification vessels to execute better surveys. 

Remote operations centres

We lower HSSE exposure by reducing the number of personnel required onboard vessels. Our onshore teams oversee and guide target identification operations in real-time through our remote operations centres (ROCs). Centralising project UXO experts in one location accelerates decision making and achieves better collaboration between you, our UXO consultants, and other supporting parties, such as archaeology and environmental experts. 

With over two decades of experience in investigating UXO risk, you can be confident that we have the technology and expertise to conduct effective UXO surveys, either on a standalone basis, or as part of an integrated risk management solution.

The threat of UXO and ERW is present in many parts of the world. This risk is not only related to wartime activities but also from post-war and “end of lifespan” dumping of munitions that can happen in locations outside of warzones. This risk therefore needs to be considered for many marine-related developments across the globe. 

Offshore Wind Farms: The development of offshore wind farms often map geographically to areas of higher UXO risk, therefore risk mitigation is a key early activity in the development of most offshore wind farms.

Oil and Gas: Oil and gas extraction covers large areas of seabed and often occurs close to the shore; therefore UXO risk also needs to be considered. The failure to consider and mitigate this risk poses a threat to the integrity and management of oil and gas infrastructure and can lead to subsea infrastructure damage.

Ports and land reclamation: Port developments and land reclamation are almost always near or adjacent to a town or city. If these urban centres are in regions of previous wars or close to military dump sites, risk of UXO in the area will need to be considered and mitigated. This is true both for the site of the development and the area from which sediment is being harvested or where the dredging activities will take place.  

Environmental and marine industries: There is a risk of UXO and/or ERW being brought to the surface by fishing activities which can lead to incidents resulting in injury and fatalities. There’s a risk that chemical compounds found in both explosive and chemical weapons can leak into the ocean waters and find their way into the human food chain. Undersea ground water can also be contaminated, and this can pose a health risk in regions where these aquifers are utilised for freshwater. 


Our UXO surveys bring safety, budget and programme benefits to development projects by enabling potentially dangerous objects to be avoided or removed, and by reducing the risk of unplanned delays. 

With over two decades of experience in investigating UXO risk, you can be confident that we have the technology and expertise to conduct effective surveys, either on a standalone basis, or as part of an integrated ground investigation. Benefits include

  • Minimised false positives through higher resolution data and an efficient identification process resulting in schedule and project milestone predictability
  • Increased schedule control and reliability through 3D sub-bottom imaging, which reduces the need for costly and time-consuming target dredging
  • Lower HSSE exposure by reducing the number of personnel required offshore
  • Streamlined your operations by using one provider that delivers the complete risk mitigation solution

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