A city infrastructure development


We provide the information and expertise to generate successful building and infrastructure development projects. Contributing to the feasibility, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and decommissioning stages, we help strengthen, improve and validate decision-making, delivering long-term assurance.

Assisting construction management companies

Through condition monitoring and evaluation, we support the safe operation, management and development of existing assets. We help you understand and reduce the risks associated with your construction management and maintenance projects.

Our services aid the safe design, construction and management of buildings, highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports and airports, as well as power lines and telecommunication cable networks, on land and on the seafloor.

We’ll assist you in the design, construction and maintenance.

We have developed our expert knowledge and global capability to ensure that:

  • We empower asset managers and engineers to significantly improve their investment and operational processes
  • We provide expert advice on planning, design, engineering and construction and deliver complex information via web-enabled databases
  • We invest in the latest technology, training and resources
  • We provide support and assurance across the lifespan of projects, to better mitigate and manage risks
  • We offer unique synergies
  • We partake in careful analysis and reporting of data engineering expertise and interpretation of data
  • We own and operate our own vessels, survey systems, positioning systems, geotechnical equipment and pile installation equipment
  • Our ability to mobilise well-equipped teams of experts at short notice is unrivalled
  • We offer extensive expertise and local physical and environmental knowledge
  • New engineering and legislative demands are met with effective solutions

Vegetation Management

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